Today’s Online Deals!

Today’s hot deals consist of some really good buys. Be sure to check them out today because you never know how long they’re going to last. And I’m not going to make any promises. Also, if you didn’t see yesterday’s feature on a free big bottle of Pantene shampoo or conditioner, make sure you check out this post to see what’s up!

First off, Get a Suave Shampoo for only $0.10 after this coupon at Target.

Receive a Free Milani HD advanced lip color when you enter their contest on Facebook here!

Get a free sample (and a coupon for $0.75 off) of Honey Nut Cheerios when you sign up on their page.

Get a free Shout Wipe & Go sample when you sign up on their Facebook page!

There is also a free sample of Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner when you sign up on their website.

Shout out! Thank you Money Saving Madness for the tips on these great deals!!

Isn’t it fun to get free stuff? I personally love trying new things for free because then if you don’t have to waste money trying them out. If you like them, then it’s a double bonus! And these things above are definitely things I think I will love.

One last good deal before I leave you. For today, is offering a FREE customized tote! All you have to do is pay the shipping on it (or a $2-ish fee to upload your own design). True story! Definitely go and check it out. Here’s the one that I designed and ordered today!

Want to use this design? I suppose you can. Get the artwork here.



Adorable Garage Sale Finds

Well it’s Wednesday, the day that a lot of garage sales start. I like to shop on Wednesdays because by Saturday, the sales are all picked over and all the good stuff is gone. A lot of garage sales start on Thursday too, but I like to try my luck on Wednesdays – and so I did today.

Things I’ve been keeping my eye out for at garage sales:

  • North Face Jacket/Pullover
  • Juicy Couture apparel
  • Handbags (of course)
  • Home goods (lamps, decor, tables, shelving, vases, etc.)
  • Things for my nephew
  • Things for DH’s nieces and nephews
  • A pack and play (I want one to keep at our house for when nieces/nephews come over)
  • Kids toys
  • A one-seater stroller (for the same reason as the pack’n’play)

Today, I found a pack and play but it was a Graco pink/purple one. It looked like something out of the 80’s (color wise) and so I had to pass. That and it was $15… ultimately it wasn’t worth it.

At another garage sale down the way, the family was remodeling their home and they had just taken out their granite island and were selling it for $65. I soooo wanted to get it, but I knew we really didn’t have a place for it, and our kitchen island has a sink in it so it’s not easily replaceable like that.

Anyways, I’m sure you’re thinking – so did you actually buy anything?? Yes, yes I did. And I had to quick take pics and then stow it away so DH doesn’t catch onto me.

At the last sale that I went to, they had all kinds of toddler boys stuff. My nephew is always outgrowing things so I like to make it easy on my sister and find everyday clothes for cheap. Well in this case, everything was nearly a quarter. Here’s what I brought home on this lovely garage sale day for a whopping total of $4.00!

You might have seen the North Face sandals in the second picture. They were only a quarter so I couldn’t say no! I’m not sure that I know anyone with a size 12 foot, but I’m sure that there’s someone out there that we know or are related to that will eventually fit into them. What a steal! I couldn’t pass them up.

Of course, I didn’t find anything for me. I rarely do – I’m too hard to shop for. So this was the whole haul this time! Oh well, at least my sister will be happy with her new stash of baby boy clothes ๐Ÿ™‚

Until next time!


Today’s Hot Deals & Coupons

As you know, I love a great deal, and today I found some fire hot deals that I just have to share! Let me know if there’s anything you want to add!

  • Free Pantene Pro-V Shampoo or Conditioner. Get yourself one of 454,000 coupons that Pantene is mailing out in the next 4-6 weeks by liking them on Facebook and then filling out their form for your coupon! Hurry up, they’re going to go fast!!
  • 15% off your order on when using your Kohl’s charge – Use the code “LOVESUMMER”
  • Get $15 off your hotel stay at Cheapostay when you use the code “Summer15”

You may or may have not seen Lindsay Lohan’s sort of commercial she did. In it, she backs a site called ‘‘ which is a penny auction site. Perhaps worth checking out? Maybe.

  • As you might know, Amazon has rolled out their own place for popular MP3’s. Now you can get a $2.00 MP3 credit on Amazon by signing into your Amazon account, go here and enter the code: CLOUDMP3
    Well that’s all I have for now! Let me know if you tried any of these and how they went!


A Typical Minnesota Evening

Well the hubs was coming home late last night and wanted me to throw the steaks on the grill so we wouldn’t be eating super late. Sounds normal enough right? Wrong. I’ve never grilled a steak in my life. He walked me through turning on the propane tank, the burners, and putting the steaks on. Truly it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, except I really didn’t enjoy smelling like smoke all night. Especially after just getting my hair cut. Did I mention? I got 3 inches chopped off my hair yesterday! I know! I’m like a brand new person ๐Ÿ™‚

After dinner, my dad and sisters came over to hang out. Mostly, my dad came to help DH with our new water softener and my sisters came to hang out. Lucky for me, they brought their new kittens! Names? Princess and Emma. Very cute! Naturally, I love kittens. And if DH wasn’t allergic, I’d probably have dozens of them! (Well probably not dozens, but you get the idea).

While they were over, I tried to get my coupon clipping done. The stack of papers has been overwhelming my kitchen area so I had to clear them out at some point! I found a lot of good deals in the RedPlum and SmartSource for this week (So if you haven’t looked yet, you better! There’s some goodies!) I also just so happened to have the cutest company while cutting my coupons. It seems she had her eye out for some hot deals too! What a clever kitten – I like her already!

Of course, I just have to show you a picture of the kittens because they are so darn adorable! I hope this you love this picture as much as I do! It makes me think, cat allergies can’t really be that bad… I think he’d manage alright…

Well I’ve got some hot deals to share coming up, so make sure you come back if you’re interested. Until next time!


Cloth Diapering TV Segment!

Here is an intro to my next post to pique your interest! More on cloth diapering to come…I might even post a picture of my little one in her cloth diaper. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Haven’t decided yet!


Cloth Diapering TV Segment!


Yummy Sandwich Recipe: Mushroom and Swiss Spinach Pesto Panini

All I can say is, “Ummmmmm Delicious!” Oh and “Sooooo easy!”

Sourdough Bread
Pesto Spread
Sliced mushrooms
Swiss Cheese (or mozzarella or cheese of choice)

Cooking Directions:

Step 1 – Spread pesto on each piece of bread
Step 2 – Lay down cheese, then mushrooms, then spinach
Step 3 – Grill on George Foreman Grill (or toaster oven or in a pan)

Step 4 – Enjoy the deliciousness!!!!


P.S. Inspiration for the sandwich found at this adorable coffee shop in Downtown Anoka – Check Them out! Avant Garden

My First Estate Sale

Well I wanted to write this yesterday, but the hubs and I were so busy that it just had to wait. But that’s okay, because it’s here now!

So after church yesterday, DH had read about an estate sale on Craigslist that said there was all this wonderful stuff that HAD to go at this estate sale and it was only for a few days. Of course, he saw a lot of hunting stuff and tools in the description so he managed to talk me into it. Not that it took much convincing because anything with the word ‘sale’ in it, pretty much gets me going!

We pull up to the estate sale and low and behold, this place is gorgeous. The house, the pole barn (yeah, that’s right, welcome to Minnesota), everything was so pretty. DH and I first walked through the pole barn because that’s where all DH’s interest was. When he walked out of there empty-handed (it was pretty picked over), we went inside. The whole house was open to walk through and purchase anything you set your eyes on!

They had all sorts of furniture, bedroom sets, living room decor, kitchen decor, patio furniture, dishes, everything! After we had walked the whole house, top to bottom, we decided to make an offer on this lovely couch. I somehow managed to make the honey fall in love with this gorgeous ivory couch that was in sort of a half moon shape, except it seats three, so picture that. It came with all these luxurious matching, silky and fluffy pillows. When the estate sale worker came over, she said that it had never been sat in, the owner had just got it! Craziness. I had to have it. So we made a bid (a low bid…) but a bid nonetheless. I figured if we were going to get it, we were gonna get a great deal on it. We’re supposed to hear by the end of today what the final offer was on the piece. We’ll see!

I also managed to lay my eyes on this gorgeous crystal Mikasa serving platter that I could not say no to. And lucky for me, everything under $10 was 50% off! So I found this other ceramic decorative pouring vase thing that was enticing to the eye and we walked out of there paying $5 and left a bid on the sofa!

I was happy, hubs – not so much. His hunting goods were all sold and the four riding lawn mowers that they still had were about $2500+… so he went home empty-handed. Except for a crystal serving platter and decorative vase thing. So I think he still came out on top. At least, I did.

Of course, I’ve become interested in these so called estate sales. How fun!! Just think of all the possibilities that you could find hidden somewhere in a nook or cranny of a home someday! Naturally, you’ll be hearing more about them. Until next time!