Fun Sites You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

So, in my collection of spare time over the past couple weeks I’ve stumbled across some fun websites. I wanted to put them all together as one post and I think that I finally found enough to warrant a post! So here we go!

Firstly, let me introduce to you, an interior design blog that is for the average Jane, like myself. It has some simply gorgeous ideas and then some really fun ideas. I love flipping through the site in search of my next design inspiration. On the sidebar, it gives you the options of what you’re interested in. It says “I want to:” and it gives you the answers, ‘decorate a room’, ‘plan a meal’, ‘mix a drink’ or ‘plan a party’. It’s only a shame that i can only choose one at a time 🙂

Now if you have a passion for antiques like I do, you might find this next site sort of fun. It’s called What One Million Buys, and you can find the antiques section here:
It tells you what types of antiques have been selling for millions. I guess I can’t be biased, so I should say that there are lots of other parts to the website like jewelry, art, cars, and homes.

Next!!! Alright, with my passion for fashion, I found this site awesome. When you visit you will find things that celebs have worn, how they wore it, and where to find it. Now I’m not really one to say, “Oh wow, Madonna wore that! I must have it!”. No, but I do think it’s fun to see what they wore, how they wore it, and where they found it. Always makes for an interesting read!

Holy overload of recipes, I know. But there are some real goodies here! On the site,, you’ll find more recipes and ideas then you probably could have ever dreamed of. My favorite is here, where you find out that a cup of Mott’s apple sauce is an exceptional substitute for vegetable oil in a cake mix. Cutting out 900+ calories from the recipe. This is good information to have!!

I get chills when I look at the images on the blog at the interior design ideas are SOOO cute and are so inspiring! I just love to go and look around, if nothing else. Especially if I feel like my creative spirit is running out of juice in decorating my home. There’s also a mix of another language on the site, if you know what it is, more power to you. I just kind of go through like a 2 year old and look at the photos. PS – Did I mention that her house is absolutely gorgeous… Here is her tour, yes, you need to look at this:

Do you love coupons? I know you do. Because I do, so you probably do too. Well in that case, I found a site that you can go to for daily deals and coupon codes for when you go shopping! Visit to find some hot buys and don’t worry – you can thank me later.

And while we’re on the note of saving money, coupons, and other wonderful things that make my heart pump – try this site on for size: – Here you will find lots of insider information on hot deals, sales, and ways to save money. They’re also a fan of extreme couponing – likes yours truly. Although I’m sure she’s a lot better at it than I am. Take note though, I’m getting there! Or at least, I’m trying. She helps out by giving video couponing classes!

Next site (last but not least!) is It’s a fashion website where there are really sweet deals on really cute clothes, home goods, kids clothes, mens stuff and even travel! If you go to the link I provided here, you’ll get an invite through me that you can use to join 🙂 When I look at this site, I drool. Each day is a different sale and let me tell you, they’re amazing. Example? Today they have Dave & Johnny designer gowns (regularly $229, now $79). For travel, today they have vacations from 40-60% off what it’d usually cost you. Love it!!!

Well those are the sites that I stock piled for you! I hope that you visit them and enjoy them so that they can truly get the attention they deserve. Until next time!!




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