Bit by the Pinterest Bug

Oh man. Macy and I have definitely been MIA lately. And I don’t want to make excuses or anything, but.. Pinterest made us do it.

No really! We are pathetically, whole-heartedly, without a doubt, addicted. If you haven’t heard of Pinterest, well, what the heck have you been doing with all your free time? Seriously. Its like Facebook when it first came out, remember? Any time you saw a computer you thought – Hey, I can check my facebook!! Now it’s Pinterest.

Now Pinterest, is essentially a collection of inspiration boards put together by YOU. You can categorize things that you find into certain groups such as home decor, craft ideas, fashion ideas, recipe ideas, etc. It’s divine!! We have found SOOOO many good ideas via Pinterest and will likely be posting them soon as soon as we can pry ourselves away from our Pinterest boards.

In short, if you haven’t yet – check out

You’re welcome.