Garage Sale Season Begins!

rainy day garage sales.jpgSo today is a big day for Macy and I, we are going to kick off the garage sale season! She has a lot of baby goodies to seek, and I’m always on the hunt for a great deal.

Unfortunately the weather is not so much on our side today… We’ve got a nice rain cloud following us around, but hopefully that will go away so we can enjoy this special day of spring!

As for the garage sale that I had at my house last weekend, we did pretty well. We mostly had all little stuff that was in boxes since had graduated college… It didn’t pay off though because we made about $350 from it all! The money didn’t last long though, we have already used it on bills and such.. Sigh!

So today, we will hopefully find a lot more that we can use that won’t end up in the garage sale next year 🙂




Cupcake Red Velvet Wine Review

Happy Friday! After a long work week and sleepless nights, I’ve made it to the weekend. Do you know what that means? Time to say bottoms up to a nice glass of wine. Lucky for me there is a liquor store close to my gym (convenient…) so after my workout tonight, I decided it was time for a drink! I deserved it.

After browsing the aisles, I grabbed a couple bottles of my true favorite, Forestedge Wine, which I’ll have you known is made in Minnesota! Fun fact. After browsing the aisles for any good deals or sales (hey, I had a wine rack to fill!) a woman stopped me and asked, “Have you ever tried this Cupcake wine?” I paused, thought, and said no. She said, “Ohhh! It’s FABULOUS. I love it!” I looked in her cart and sure enough she had four bottles of it, in every flavor!

So of course, I had to try it. And let me tell you, it was great. Now the kind I got was the Red Velvet, which was a very tasty, dry red wine. It had a little sweeter taste than most dry wine and I really liked it! It would have been nice with a steak dinner, but I had a glass while working on our blog and it was just as wonderful!

Long story short, give this wine a try. Or if you’ve tried one of the other kinds, how were they?