Housewife Whitewater Rafting Adventure

For hubby’s Christmas gift last year, I gave him a certificate to go whitewater rafting. It’s something we’ve both wanted to do, it’s been on our bucket list so we decided to go for it! Finally we arranged to go this weekend and it ended up being a beautiful weekend for it! It was about 80 degrees and sunny as we headed out on our rafts to test mother nature.

We started floating down the Menominee river nice and leisurely, this lasted about 30 minutes before we started hitting the rapids. Before we took to the water, our guide had explained to us that there are 6 classes of whitewater, and the ones we would be going over would be class 4. The class 6 whitewater would’ve been way out of our league. Good to know!

Our first rapids were a nice test of our skills, or lack there of… We ended up getting paired with another couple our age with similar skills so we were all in it together 😉 We conquered our first rapids very well, got pounded with water, no big deal. The other girl and I were seated behind our men, and we were thankful for that after our first rapids because we were wet, but they were drenched! Up came some much larger rapids that dropped 10-12 feet then crashed at the bottom and continued along the next strip of river with other twists, turns, rocks and drops. It was like a freestyle waterpark with your destination unsure. As we hit a strip of calmer (I use that term lightly) water, applause broke out from the shore. A handful of spectators had gathered to see us plummet to our deaths, sadly they were going to have to leave disappointed as we continued down the winding river to find our next battle.

And it wasn’t long before we found another set of rapids to dive into. The raft curved, and sunk under heavy rapids, our men in front hit with a tidal wave of water as we splashed on through it. Our boat was filled with water when we finished the ride, as smiles plastered all of our faces. We had survived, though at times I wasn’t sure we would. Our guide calm throughout the whole thing, told us we could take a dip in the water before we went back to camp. We cannonballed into the water and it was beyond beautiful. The warm summer water felt amazing as we finally could let our white knuckles relax before the adventure was over.

“That was awesome!” My husband said broken-record-like on the way back. But I have to agree, it was the time of our life. Once we got back to the room, we both conked out and slept for a couple hours. The fresh air, fresh water and the thrill of it all was a lot to take in, but we would do it again in a heartbeat.

And now we’re on our way home. Leaving the next river battle for someone else to fight 😉



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