DIY: Princess Cakes

For those who have a birthday coming up or they just like to eat cakes that look good, not only taste good, a princess cake would be one of the best choices out there. The good news is that even though this cake looks pretty sophisticated, it’s very simple to make, but to those who have no idea about it, it will seem like it took a monumental effort to bake.

Many parents will bake such cakes for when their daughters’ birthday will come, because it just looks amazing. The birthday girl can even help with decorating the birthday cake if she wants, so that the cake looks exactly the way she imagined. Not only that, but having such a cake on the table will make for a fabulous centerpiece for the party table.


  • Candy cake decorations
  • Cake decorating tubes
  • Frosting
  • Doll
  • Cooling rack
  • Flat butter knife
  • Cake tester
  • Batter bowl
  • Box cake mix

How to bake it

1. First of all the cook will have to prepare the cake batter by following the instructions on the box. The flavor he or she chooses for it is not important.

2. Now the cake batter will have to be poured in an oven safe batter bowl which has been previously sprayed with a good quality nonstick spray. It’s important to use this spray because if the cake sticks, the whole birthday cake will be ruined. It’s important to keep in mind that the deepness of the batter bowl will influence how long the doll’s skirt will be.

3. The cook will need to follow the instructions very well and only bake the birthday cake for as long as it’s mentioned on the box. A cake tester (usually a toothpick) should be inserted in the cake in order to check whether it’s ready or not. If the toothpick comes out almost clean, then it means the cake is ready. If not, then it should be left longer to bake.

4. When the cake is baked it has to be slid out of the batter bowl and placed on a cooling rack until it cools off. It’s recommended the cake is cooled off completely before the cook attempts to do anything with it. The cake’s bottom in the batter bowl will actually become the skirt’s top after the cook will finish decorating it.

5. At this point the cook will have to grab a doll (Barbie-like) and have it inserted with its feet first into the cake until it reaches the doll’s waist. The doll’s arms should be lifted up over her before being inserted, so the hands don’t dig in.

6. Lastly, the cake should be covered with an undercoat of frosting and then with many different colored frosting, candy and cake decorating tubes. The frosting can be used to decorate the doll’s chest as well, not only her skirt.

The cake at this point is finally ready and it can be served only after it has been cooled off properly for a few hours in the fridge. Everyone will love its taste, but even more the way it looks!

Image by Andrew_mc_d on Flickr.

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Maya is a blogger and a cake lover. She loves cooking for her friends and family, especially baking and decorating princess and disney birthday cakes for her nieces. Curently, she works on a project for Cake Factory, a well known occassion cakes specialist in Perth which you can visit here:


Zits and Acne; How to Cope

As of late, I’ve been a little more stressed than normal. So many things going on, I can’t remember the last time I’ve sat down and just did nothing. With that stress, I’ve had a few zits pop up overnight that drive me crazy.

I can’t stand the stupid things, they just stare at me in the mirror, all red-like and ugly. Usually if they pop up as a little whitehead, I can poke at them for a while and they dry up after. If you do have one of these, my little trick is to put a nice big dollop of Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel at bedtime. Let it dry before you actually fall asleep to make sure that you don’t accidentally rub it off on your pillow. This stuff is awesome, I’ve used it through college and still use it to this day. It may take a couple night’s worth for pesky zits but it helps get rid of them quickly! And painlessly. Gotta love that!

Now what really makes me angry are those big, old zits that form under the skin and don’t have a ‘head’. There’s no way to get them out, you just have to sit and wait (something I don’t do well). So today I did a little research because I have one of these buggers and it’s making me loco. Here are some solutions I found.

1. Use isopropyl alcohol on a napkin and hold on the zit. It helps clean the skin with its anti-bacterial properties. When I did this, I could feel the cleaning taking place on my skin. I held it on there for a good 15 minutes and I could feel the change instantly. Make sure however you don’t get this in your mouth or eyes because it is harmful!!

2. Detox and clean up. Some results said that people use detoxing to clean their body of these zits. Drink lots of water, and all that other great stuff. Add some lemon even! Wash your face twice a day and be sure to stay squeaky clean.

3. Freeze and add benzoyl peroxide. Wash your face first, then put ice on your pimple for about 10 minutes. Remove ice and then add benzoyl peroxide on the zit. Repeat every 5 hours. It says it should clear up within the next day if you do this at least 3 times. See the article on this here.

Hopefully you found these tips useful! Let me know if you have a zit-fix that works!


Comparison Shopping Tips

Are you still in the dark ages and have not gotten on the Web deals bandwagon? We are going to discuss some of best ways to use the Web and your local stores to comparison shop and save the most money possible.

Know What You Want to Buy?

The first step in your shopping journey is deciding on the exact make and model of product you are looking to buy. If you just generally know the type of product and not an exact model it is time to spend some time at your local stores to decide exactly what you want. Visit one or two stores that have display models or carry stock for the type of product you are researching so you can either get a hands on test or look at boxes to compare features and general prices quickly.

Narrow down your choices between a few products and then take the search online. Now is the time to look up reviews and compare what real consumers are saying about the product. is a great all in one source for reliable reviews. Other places to get reviews online include major retailers that also have a local brick and mortar store.

Formulate a decision on what to buy based on all of the factors together including the features you want, general price, overall reviews, and anything else that is specific to your decision.

Find the Best Deal

Now that you have the exact product to buy it is time to find the best price. Start again by looking locally because it is still possible to get a better deal. Sometimes manufacturers offer rebates and it might make sense to buy certain products locally such as a large TV or other appliance. Find the lowest price and then take your search back to the Web.

Start by entering the brand and model of your product and then including keywords on the end like ‘coupon’, ‘deal’, ‘bargain’, ‘sale’. Online coupons are a great way to easily save money and there are tons of deal and coupons sites that you can use to take advantage of the savings. Most of these coupon sites will land on the retailer site after a coupon code is clicked on and activated. Always make sure that the retailer you are buying from is reputable with fair policies.

Make sure to keep track of expiration dates on coupons and promo codes and any exceptions or special rules to using the coupon. Another way to save money is by buying from online retailers that offer free shipping and no sales tax if the store you are buying from does not have a physical presence in your state.

Get Started Today!

Hopefully the tips we have offered will get you on the path to huge savings for your next shopping journey. Remember that the Web is an amazing resource, that when used in conjunction with local shopping can produce some truly remarkable deals.

Take the time to do proper research and compare all the options out there to truly find the best prices. Harness the power of the Internet to save money and be kind to your wallet. Happy shopping!

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How to Accessorize Maternity Clothes

You already know that, thankfully, the world of maternity clothing has caught up with the fact that pregnant moms still want to look stylish even though they have a growing belly. Because of this, maternity fashion has changed a great deal to actually be fashionable. Maternity tops are just as trendy and attractive as regular clothes. Women can find attractive and appealing choices in casual wear, business wear, and even black tie formal wear. You can look stylish when you are expecting. However, have you thought about how to accessorize those maternity clothes? If you are like some women, you would rather people notice how put together you are and not how much weight you have put on during your pregnancy. A great way to do this is to accessorize your maternity wear. Do you need some ideas on how to choose the right accessories? Here are some things to consider.

Bold and Chunky

If you tend to wear a great number of dark clothes, then you will want to consider being bold with your accessories. Thankfully, chunky and brightly colored accessories are considered stylish among any group and that gives you plenty of options. If you are wearing understated clothes, do not be afraid of a splash of color. Do this with big plastic bangle bracelets in bright pinks, blues, and lime greens. Plastic bracelets are lightweight so they will not cause discomfort through the day. Choose bold and chunky necklaces as well. Large round beads or geometric shapes can be used in long necklaces that will accent your fashion sense and not the fact that you may go through your day feeling as if you are as big as a house.

If you choose brightly colored maternity wear, then you will want to take a different angle with your accessories. Since you have the bold colors in your clothes, then consider more understated jewelry like simple gold or silver bracelets or earrings. Remember that it is all about balance.

Accessorizing for Comfort

Many women spend a great deal of their pregnant months uncomfortable. With a baby growing inside of them, playfully kicking their ribs, and leading to swollen ankles and hands, most women look for the best ways to be comfortable. That does not mean you have to leave all of the accessories at home. Here are some ideas that will allow you to accessorize your maternity wear without having to add discomfort to your day.

  • If you would like to wear rings but your swollen fingers won’t let you, then choose from the trendy and statement making rings connected to elastic. These rings are often in the shape of flowers or big chunky natural stones. These rings will provide you with a touch of fashion, and since the band stretches, it will not cause your swollen fingers discomfort.
  • If chain necklaces are too heavy or irritating around your neck, try accessorizing with a fun scarf. Lightweight summer scarves can add a touch of color and fashion to your outfit and their soft materials will not irritate your skin. Fashionable winter scarves will serve the dual purpose of keeping you warm and keeping you trendy.
  • If bracelets and almost any jewelry irritates you through the day but you still want to enjoy something fashionable, then try a broach. This broach will connect directly to your blouse and does not even have to touch your skin. Broaches are available as small and understated or big, bright and bold to suit your taste.

Maternity does not equal frumpy. Your maternity clothes can be trendy and fashionable. You can add even more to the put together look by accessorizing in a way that looks good and is still comfortable for you.

Catherine Adderson is the owner of, an online store specializing in stylish and trendy maternity clothes for expectant mothers and nursing mothers.