Free Personalized Calendar Offer :)

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I just ordered mine! I’m so excited to get it in the mail!!!! Shipping was around $5.00.

They are also offering 50% off Holiday cards and Gifts!

Love, Macy


Holiday Fun – Twin Cities

Image from – See More Holiday Events HERE!

I am fully enthrawled with the holiday spirit now that Thanksgiving has passed! I just love this season! I like to get in as many Holiday-esque activities as possible before the season is over with. Here is a great list of Holiday activities to do in the Twin Cities this season!

1. Holidazzle Parade – November 23, 2012 – December 23, 2012 (Thur-Sat) **FREE**

2. “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” at the Children’s Theater – November 6, 2012 – December 30, 2012

3. “Elf” at the Ordway Theater – December 5, 2012 – December 20, 2012

4. Sleigh Rides at Woodland Hills Winery – November 24, 2012 – December 22, 2012 **FREE**

5. Macy’s Minneapolis Annual Santaland – November 21, 2012 – December 24, 2012 **FREE**

What Holiday event(s) are you excited for this year!?

Love, Macy

Playing For Keeps: Movie Review 2012

Image by IMDB.comHubby and I got the chance to attend a pre-screening for “Playing for Keeps” at Showplace in St. Louis Park tonight and I just had to write a little diddy about it. A really special thanks to Minnesota Mama’s Must Haves for sharing this on her Facebook page 🙂

First off, if you haven’t heard of this movie yet – where have you been? Just kidding, I think I had maybe seen a preview or two before we went to the movie tonight. But seriously, there should be more because people need to know about this movie!

The Cast

Oh my goodness. They picked the perfect cast, especially Gerard Butler, both me and hubby said how good he was in this movie, and really how good of an actor he is in general. But in this movie, he was wonderful as well. The rest of the cast includes:

  • Jessica Biel
  • Catherine Zeta Jones
  • Dennis Quaid
  • Judy Greer
  • Uma Thurman
  • Noah Lomax

The Story

I wasn’t originally sure how much I would truly enjoy this movie because I’m really not a soccer fan, and I knew that was kind of a growing theme in this movie. But actually, I loved it. The soccer team was part of the movie, but it wasn’t really a ‘part’ of the movie, if that makes sense. Anyways, George (Gerard Butler) and Stacie (Jessica Biel) were sweethearts when George was a soccer star back in the day. Now that career is over for him, and somewhere along the line, him and Stacie just didn’t work out; but there’s a catch. Their 9-year-old son, Lewis (Noah Lomax) who they both love dearly.

Gerard has to deal with constant battles such as lack of employment (and money), persistent women, his love for his son, and his unyielding love for Stacie. It builds to more than I can tell you without spoiling anything, but it’s not as obvious as you might think.

There were definitely parts where I laughed out loud, and then there were parts when I sobbed out loud (not really out loud, more tears, but ‘sobbed out loud’ sounded better, didn’t it?) The movie definitely played on my emotions, and I could definitely see if you had children around Lewis’ age, you would be bawling just like me. Hubby didn’t cry, but I know he was just torn on the inside.

Ruby Approved!

I would definitely recommend this movie, especially to families with kids around the 13-year-old mark. It is PG-13, and there was one scene where there is a woman with just her undergarments on. You should probably know this beforehand, just so you’re prepared if you do take your teens! It wasn’t anything big, and I’d actually forgotten about it until I noticed it was PG-13 just now 😉

Let me know if you’ve seen ‘Playing for Keeps’ or if you plan to go see it! I’d love to hear what you thought of it!!


Ruby’s Must-Have Winter Holiday Gifts 2012

As you guys know, I’m always wanting something. Well, kind of. It’s just that the winter holidays always bring so much good stuff to the surface. Warm fuzzy boots, comfy cozy sweaters, new technology, new home products, workout items; the list could go on and on. And actually, it will go on and on because this is my winter must-have holiday gift list and that’s what it’s supposed to do!

I thought I would share a few of my wish list highlights this year, because isn’t it always fun to see what everyone else is asking for? Maybe you’ll even find a few things to add to your list. In that case, you’re welcome. If not, then I’m sorry you feel that way 😉

Alright, here we go!

1. Lululemon Groove Yoga Pant *Slim ($98.00)

I’m not sure if the *Slim part means anything, but I’m just taking that directly from the website so you guys know which ones I’m referring to here. Lululemon has been around for years, but I’ve never bought any of their clothes, mostly because they’re a titch on the spendy side. At any rate, I’ve tried them on and they are exquisite. They hold you in and are comfy at the same time. What more could you ask for in a yoga pant?

2. Magic Bullet Blender ($49.99)

Image by

This is one item that I actually bought on my black friday adventure. They had them for $29.00 at Walmart so I couldn’t resist! These are perfect for making fast and easy smoothies, ice cream malts, baby food even? They make it easy to get just the right serving for one person, plus you don’t have to pour out of a clunky old blender, then clean the whole kitchen because it blended itself everywhere.

I use mine to make healthy drinks (greek yogurt, whey protein, fruit, spinach, milk) and you’ve got yourself a wonderful little snack and very, very minimal clean up.

3. North Face Microvelour Glacier 1/4 Zip ($55.00)

Image by

These are not only uber-comfy but also very fashionable. I love North Face stuff, it’s high quality and always fits so nice.

The downside to North Face, is that it can be expensive, but as with anything else, you get what you pay for.

This Microvelour Glacier zip up comes in tons of colors; you name it, they have it! Aren’t they cute??

4. Apple Mini iPad ($329.00)

Image by

This just came out not too long ago, but I had to admit I am super impressed. We currently have the iPad 3 and it’s just kind of big and bulky. Don’t get me wrong, I am totally in love. I love Apple products and would never go back, but this one is truly the best yet.

It’s the perfect size to toss in your bag, but it’s obviously bigger than a cell phone so it’s not so hard on the eyes. And the usability is obviously easier than on a phone as well.

5. Essie Nail Polishes ($8.00+)

Okay, this is a great stocking stuffer that I have to share. Essie is a nail polish brand that offers beautiful colors, you’ve probably seen them all over Pinterest! I just love how ‘true’ their colors are. They’re so unique, but pretty. It’s hard to describe, but let’s just say that the woman in your life will not be disappointed when she receives one or ten of these little guys.

Image by

6. Apple TV ($99.00)

Image by Apple.comOkay, so I already have one of these but you need to have it on your list if you don’t! These are phenomenal and I absolutely love ours. Despite the name, it’s not actually a TV, it’s a little box that hooks up to your TV and acts as like a DVD player, and internet TV all in one. We use it to watch our shows on Netflix and Hulu Plus, but you can also use it to watch videos on Youtube as well, plus tons of other options. We even rented a movie off of iTunes the other day because the movie wasn’t even out on Redbox yet. It works off your wifi and is so easy to use. You have a little remote and that’s all you need – play captain from the couch and watch whatever you like, whenever you like!

Well I hope these little features helped you put together your Christmas list this year, and if not – then maybe it helped your husband with some ideas other than a new blender 🙂 Either way, that’s what I’m here for! hehe


Stocking Stuffer Ideas – Girl

I Love this store! Nordstrom Rack. Thought this stuff was cute – and as always a great price!

Love, Macy

Deal Alert! Holiday Cards

The Card Store is offering Holiday Cards for an amazing $0.39 with FREE Shipping!!! They will even send them to your friends and family for FREE (save big bucks on postage!!!)!

The deal is only good for TODAY – Cyber Monday!!! So get those Holiday cards ordered and sent!

Use promo code: CCN2639

Enjoy 🙂

Love, Macy

Pottery Barn Teen: Review & Giveaway!

This giveaway has now ended! Congratulations to Melody A! She won the manicure/pedicure lap desk from Pottery Barn Teen 🙂

PB Teen – Edina, MN – Happy Holidays!

As you might have read in one of our previous posts, Pottery Barn Teen has recently opened a new store in Edina, MN in the Galleria! We were happy to be there to cover the opening at the Galleria! The beauty of the store is enough to make you relax and enjoy the shopping experience! We spent a lot of time checking out all the sweet little things they had to offer. Not to mention the staff at the store was beyond amazing! They were so nice and helpful – this store is a must visit for the holiday season! Here are some of the views of the store:

PB Teen – Edina, MN opening

Wall of fabulous fur!

One of the fabulous rooms they have set up!

We have a real love for Pottery Barn, so we were pumped to hear about this new store and everything that they would have to offer! Especially right now, since they’ve got amazing holiday gifts for teens. We picked out a few products to feature here, but they have tons and tons of great stuff – you definitely have to check out their website to really get a glimpse of it all!

Pottery Barn Snow Leopard Fur Slippers

Image by

One of my favorite items on their website were the snow leopard fur slipper boots. I thought they were super cute, and perfect for staying warm inside during the Minnesota winters. Plus, I usually like to wear leggings and a long sweatshirt when I lounge around my house, and these boots look adorable over leggings.

They’re also super comfortable, and have little grippies on the bottom so you don’t slip around when you’re walking on wood, tile or linoleum floors. I absolutely loved them, and so would any teen!

Manicure/Pedicure Lap Desk

Image by

The manicure/pedicure lap desk is another awesome gift for your teen this holiday season. I have a teen who LOVES to paint nails and has all kinds of polishes, design pens, glitter, and ombre color sets. She would absolutely love this item for Christmas! It is the perfect set up – it holds all of your polishes inside, and then you can close it (it magnetically stays shut) and paint your nails right there on your lap!

It’s soft cushion on the bottom makes it a comfy way to do your nails. Plus, this set also includes all the manicure tools they will need such as their own finger nail clippers, mini-scissors, cuticle tools, and more. They fit nicely into the flap that opens, for optimal storage space for everything else! Lastly, you can also add a monogram to this item for only $7.

Fur Superstorage Lap Desk 2.0

Fur Superstorage Lap Desk

I, Macy, got to try out the ever-luxurious, fur superstorage lap desk.

I cannot fully express to you how much I love this thing! Not only is it ridiculously cute (nice addition to my living room, in my opinion) but I use it constantly – Like right now! I never use my laptop on a desk when I am at home. I always use it from the couch or from my bed.

This adorable thing has made my laptop usage so much more comfortable!!! Plus, it has storage in it so I have everything at my fingertips! Personally, I like to keep a pen and paper in it and then set my cell phone and my drink in the little cubbies while I’m using it 🙂 Oh the bliss!

Our PB Teen Top Holiday Gift Guide:

There are way too many cute things on to feature here, so here are a few honorable mentions that we thought were so stinking cute!

Images by


To celebrate their new store opening in Edina, MN, Pottery Barn Teen wanted to host a giveaway for our readers for one of these products. We thought the Manicure/Pedicure Lap Desk would be an absolute hit for you guys, so they agreed to give one away to a lucky reader!!! They retail for $69, and how excited would your teen (or you!!!) be to receive one of these for Christmas this year??

Here’s how to win this awesome item!

You can do one, or all of these tasksleave a comment for EACH task that you do though, and that is your one entry per task:

  1. Like Pottery Barn Teen on Facebook
  2. Like Real Housewives of MN on Facebook
  3. Follow @potterybarnteen on Twitter
  4. Visit Pottery Barn Teen‘s website and leave a comment on this post with what item you think is awesome!

Comment 1 – “I like pottery barn teen on facebook”
Comment 2 – “I like real housewives of MN on facebook”
Comment 3 – “I follow pottery barn teen on twitter
Comment 4 – “I love their fur stockings on their website, they’re really cute!”

This giveaway will end December 1st at 5:00pm CST, winner will be notified via email and has 48 hours to claim the prize before a different winner is selected.

Best of luck! Happy entering 🙂

Ruby & Macy

Disclosure: We were not compensated for this review. We were sent these products by Pottery Barn Teen to review and giveaway on our site. All opinions featured here are our own.