Minnesota Spring, Look on the Bright Side

minnesota winterOkay, we’re all guilty of whining that we’re tired of winter and why do we have snow in the spring time? But I was thinking tonight during yoga, we actually have a few things to be thankful for even despite this weather. At this point, you’re probably thinking, “Nope! Can’t think of anything.” Let me share with you a few things I came up with.

1. We don’t have mosquitoes right now.

2. We currently don’t have to mow our lawns.

3. Had any peeling sunburn lately? Nope, me either!

4. What better way to hide a few extra pounds than four layers of clothing?

5. No mosquitoes.

6. You don’t have to deal with poison ivy or wood ticks! Yuck.

7. You can have a fire in your fireplace and it’s cozy not crazy.

8. You can breathe when you step outside right now with no humidity.

9. Seasonal allergies? You’re probably loving this long winter.

10. No mosquitoes!! That’s good enough for me 🙂

Am I right? Did you at least enjoy a couple of these things? I told you that you’d be thankful, didn’t I?




Real Housewives in the Media – Live!

If you are in the Minneapolis area, check out our segment on Twin Cities Live, Channel 5 at 3:00pm TODAY!!! I’ll be talking freezer meals – and as always, we’re talking quick, easy and inexpensive!

10 Affordable Spring Shoes to Sass Up Your Wardrobe

I’m obsessed with shoes. I’d say addicted but that implies that it’s a problem and I see no problem with loving shoes. With spring knocking on winter’s ugly door, I’ve been browsing spring shoes that would add some flair to any regular outfit. Isn’t that the best part of spring? That you can finally wear all those fun colors that would be too bold for winter?

So without further hesitation, here are my top ten spring shoe picks!

10 affordable spring shoes you can afford - and will fall in love with!

10. Restricted Just Dance Pump – These pumps scream ‘warm weather!’ with a bit of fashion flair. I’m predicting the gold toe is going to be popular this year on women’s shoes. Plus, I can’t resist this mint color! ($49.95 at DSW)

Image by DSW

9. Rocket Dog Chamay Floral Flat – Got love for florals? Who doesn’t in the spring! That’s what makes these adorable flats so swoon-worthy. ($36.95 at DSW)

Image by DSW

8. Mojo Moxy Cammy Pump – Could this floral print get any cuter on a pump? I love that the floral is toned down with the beige straps and buckle. ($64.95 at DSW)

Image by DSW

7. GC Shoes Karin Flat – Color block much? These are the epitame of spring this year. Color blocking, two tone toe, and even a spritz of gold and brown to make it all work together. ($39.95 at DSW)

Image by DSW

6. Restricted Mindy Wedge Pump – The flair of yellow is enough to pop, and wedges are always super easy to walk in. ($54.95 at DSW)Image by DSW

5. Jessica Simpson Reijo Patent Pump – As expected with Jessica Simpson pumps, these are adorable and have a perfect heel. The platform with the mint green is what won me over on these. It’s enough to be different, but nothing too bold or extreme. ($74.95 at DSW)

Image by DSW

4. Coach Pearl Rainboot – Spring means rain, am I right? So the question is, are you equipped for all that water and such? You could be, with these bright Coach rainboots. You’re welcome. ($89.99 at Macy’s)

Image by Macy's

3. Hego’s Bow Flat – The bow totally won me over on these. They’re so cozy-looking, but that pattern and that bow… *sigh!* ($119.95 at Nordstrom)

Image by Nordstrom

2. TOMS Gabriel Lacktman Women’s Light Red Damask Stencil – Yes, I know, I love TOMS too. They’re the most comfortable pair of shoes I have owned. And these include some of my favorite things; pink and floral. I rest my case. ($68.00 at Toms.com)

Image by Toms.com

1. Crown Vintage Chelsea Flat – I absolutely adore, love and need these comfy chic loafers. They’re the perfect mix of casual yet dressy and they take my number one spot on this list! ($44.95 at DSW)Image by DSW

Which shoe is your favorite? Leave it in the comments!!


4 New Apps You Need to Download Today

If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with apps and finding ones that make life easier. I frequently (and very geek-ily) use the phrase, “There’s an app for that!” as ashamed as I am to admit it. Anyways, I’ve done some scouting and I’ve found some awesome new apps that you must check out. You can thank me later 🙂


wunderlist app reviewThis is by far my favorite and most used app for productivity. This app allows you to make different lists and add things to them quick and easy. But there’s more to that. You can share lists with people. So I installed this app on my husbands phone as well and shared my grocery list with him. Now when either of us need something, we put it on the list. When we’re at the store, it’s easy peasy to find what we need. Never again will we forget the list at home!

Not only that, but I’ve made lists for our Youth Group, for the blog (duh!) and for other Shopping needs like socks or shampoo. And as a bonus feature, you can set your email preferences to let you know when things are added to the list or completed (so if hubby stops at the store and gets that chocolate ice cream, you won’t make a special trip to get it too!) Awesome.


soundhound app reviewThe other day I was at the store and I heard a song being played. (It doesn’t matter, but for those of you who are curious kittens, the song was “Piano in the Dark” by Brenda Russell)

Anyways, I couldn’t believe that the song has the same lyrics as “I Cry” by Flo Rida. I would have never been able to find out that the song was Piano in the Dark, if I didn’t have SoundHound. I just held up my phone and let it listen to the song. Within seconds, it had the title and artist for me. Winner!


gravy appNow this app works better if you live in the cities. Specifically, Minneapolis. The app gives you the choice of what you feel like doing. You can click that you want to do: Whatever, Lively, Classy, Brainy, Playtime. From there it gives you a list of things nearby that fit the bill, on that given date. Fun, right?


gympact appThis app is one that me and my husband have been using for about 6 months now. We started setting a pact to workout 2 times a week. Now we are up to four! Anyways, you set your own pact for how many times a week you will workout and if you achieve that, you get paid! If you miss though, you have to pay. You’ll have to scrounge up $5 for each day that you miss of your pact. The goal of this app is to motivate you with money. And it works! I’ve got about $40 in my reserve, just for working out! Gotta love that. Let me know if you join! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Check out these apps, and let me know how you like them. If you have an app you adore, be sure to leave the name of it in the comments for others to check out too!

Sarah (Ruby)

Minnesota Spring Fashion 2013

We all know that spring in Minnesota could mean warm and it could mean cold… and it could even mean both in the same day! So it’s tough to dress with the average spring fashion in Minnesota, because what looks cute, might not be practical! But there are ways around this.

Here are some outfits for Minnesota spring weather! Trendy, cute and practical, what more could you ask for?

Spring Fashion 2013
Spring Fashion Trends
Can you tell I’m excited for spring?! I’m obsessed with mint and coral tops right now, plus the floral patterns with a belted sweater. Love it! Spring can’t come soon enough 🙂
Sarah (Ruby)

How To: Look Put Together in Under 10 Minutes…New Mom Edition

I got the idea to do this post when I continued to get comments on how put together I always look so soon after having a baby! I love all the sweet comments and it makes me feel so much better, especially since I still have about 20 pounds of “baby weight” to lose! If only they knew how easy my routine is to get out the door!!! Here are my secrets to making it out the door looking put together in UNDER 10 MINUTES!

– Get a low-maintenance hair cut. My newborn does not like being put down so I have a very limited amount of time each day where I have 2 hands to work with. This pretty much means I can throw doing my hair out the window! With my low-maintenance haircut, all I need is a comb, at most!

– Brush your teeth right when you get up (even if it means baby has to cry for 2 minutes). Being in dentistry, I hate walking around (even at home) without having my teeth brushed. I do it right when I get up in the morning and I don’t have to worry about it the rest of the day.

– Have a good selection of cute, comfy clothes. One of the most important things about choosing clothes for the postpartum period, for me, is functionality. The last thing I want to worry about is being uncomfortable or feeling like I can’t move with 2 little ones in tow. But I’m not talking about sweatpants and sweatshirts (leave those for home)! Think *Leggings or jeggings *Black yoga pants *Cute cotton v-neck t-shirts *Cardigans *Cotton dresses (weather permitting). These are all cute and functional. Just be sure they are clean!!!

– Change into cute clothes right before leaving the house. This is a continuation on my last point of keeping your clothes clean! Leave the grungy sweats and tops for home where they can get covered in spit-up, pee, poop, and breast milk without having to stress. When you are about ready to leave the house, put on your clean, cute clothes!

– Complete your outfit with cute flats, sandals or heels. Nothing screams frumpy mom like going out in your white tennis shoes (sorry, but that’s not cute)! Trade in those tennis shoes for some comfy flats, or if it is just a quick trip, throw on some sassy heals!

– Add some fun accessories! Spruce up your outfit with some cute earings, a fun necklace or a pretty scarf. It only takes a couple seconds to throw on and it instantly looks like you spent a good amount of time getting ready to go. I have a couple staple pairs of earings and necklaces that I can throw on quickly. They are super cute and go with most outfits. A pretty scarf can also add instant pizzazz to your outfit.

– Keep a bag of go-to makeup. For me this is *concealer, *mascara and *foundation. Keep it in a small makeup bag and do your makeup in the car before you pull out of the driveway. This way, the kiddos are all loaded up and ready to go and you have 2 free hands to get it done in a flash! I also keep a *comb and *perfume in there that I can throw on!

There you have it! That is how I look “so put together” with a 2 year old and a newborn! My entire routine takes me UNDER 10 MINUTES! Do you have any awesome tips for how you get out the door looking fabulous?

Love, Macy

How To: Reduce the stress of leaving your infant

Stressed mom...

I am so excited to report that DH and I will be going on our first date since our newest little bundle of joy was born! I could not be more excited! DH and I are going to the Minneapolis Auto Show and then will probably grab some dinner before heading back home 🙂 With baby being only 5 weeks old, I thought it would be helpful to make a “How to guide” for taking care of our little one. Not that my mom hasn’t raised two kids already, but those of us who have kids know, each baby is unique. Here is a peak at my “how to” for taking care of our two little ones (our older daughter just turned 2).


– Addie eats roughly every 3 hours. This is not a strict time limit. If she is crying and does not stop while being held and rocked, she is probably hungry. This holds true even if she has just finished a bottle.

– Making bottles: fill a bottle with 4 oz of tap water. Warm in microwave for 9 seconds. Put 2 scoops of formula in and shake well.

– Burp her after every ounce. She will most likely still spit up, so have a burp cloth handy.

– Lydia can eat whatever you are eating. As a general rule, we try to give her at least one fruit or veggie or both with each meal. She may tell you she is “all done, go play!” right away. Request she eats her food first. If she still refuses, it is okay to let her down but she does not get a chance to eat again until the next meal.


– Addie most likely will not go to sleep without being held. It is also unlikely she will stay asleep if you put her down. If you attempt to put her down in her bouncy seat or swing while she is sleeping, lay her on her side – Chances are better she will stay asleep.

– Lydia’s bed time is 8:00. She will insist she has her ‘moosey’ and ‘beary.’ She will also request that you give her and them a hug before she goes to sleep. She likes her music on. She will probably request that you say a night time prayer before you leave the room. Once all that is completed and she is tucked in, you can leave and she will fall asleep.


– Addie’s diapers and wipes are in our room under her bassinet. Change her whenever her diaper feels full. Or if she poops. Dirty diapers can go in the metal trash can in our bathroom.

– Lydia’s diapers are in her room. Her wipes are in the middle drawer of the changing table. Dirty diapers and wipes go in the diaper champ next to her changing table.

Other: Dirty clothes and burp cloths can be thrown in the hamper in the laundry room. Feel free to eat whatever you can find. If you need anything, you can call us. Thank you and good luck! 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed a peak into our little routine! So before you leave the little one at home, make a “How to guide” and relax!

Is there anything else you do to reduce the stress of leaving your infant??? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Love, Macy