Arts and Crafts Using Ordinary Household Goods

Innovation In Art

We have all laughed at the notion of certain things being art. My first recollection is probably when Tracey Emin won the Turner Prize for a messy bedroom, at which point my personal cynicism towards the art world reached a peak from which it has yet to move. Parents have for generations looked to keep their children entertained in as many ways as possible without having to venture to the nearest toy store or purchase the latest world beating games console. Finding things to do around the house can seem like somewhat of an onerous task, however with a little imagination there are no limits to what one can do. Childhood recollections of Art Attack and other art related television shows should have surely taught us all of that.

We are going to look at how the humble wooden clothes peg can be used for arts and crafts around the home. Please note that there are many other things you can do, and also with the more modern plastic clothes pegs, the beauty of art is that as Tracey Emin proved, you can do almost anything and pass it off as an aesthetic wonder!

Melissa And Doug

Have you looked at the prices of wooden toys recently? They are not cheap, let me assure you! Melissa and Doug are among the most popular wooden toys, however the handy old clothes peg can play a huge part in meaning you do not have to shell out a lot of money. Using wooden clothes pegs around the house works best if you have something to go with it, such as spare fabrics, glue, and any other spare arty bits and pieces, be it paper, card, pens or whatever else.

Dress Up Time

The easiest and most fun thing to do with a clothes peg is to dress it up as a person, sort of like “The Shoe People” but with clothes pegs instead! Whether you use paint or pieces of coloured in paper to create “clothes” and facial features, you can have hours of fun with your child simply through putting some clothes pegs to a different use than the norm.

The pay off of this idea is ultimately long term too, as not only have you brought out your child’s creative side for an afternoon of fun character creation, but your child can go on to use those characters during playtime for months and possibly even years to come!

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