Great TV Shows On Netflix For Women

As you might know if you follow us on twitter, since I do almost all of our tweeting these days (almost-angry glare at Macy) that I finished watching every episode of Desperate Housewives. I absolutely loved that show, and thought there would never be another like it. Well so far I’ve been right but I have found some close competitors. So without further adou, here are some great tv shows that I would recommend to my fellow mommy bloggers… Note that these are on Netflix so when you finally get a chance to sit down and watch tv, the show starts when you do.

1. Desperate Housewives
When I told my mom I was obsessed with this show, she gave me a disapproving look as if I told her I had subscribed to Playgirl. But I assured her that it is not a “raunchy” show like she obviously thought it was. You must watch this show from the very beginning on Netflix to be as hooked as I was, because it explains everything you’ll need to know going forward.

Each episode builds off the last episodes so you’ll have to watch them in order to understand. But what happens is that you basically can’t stop with one. It’s very soap-opera-ish like that. But it’s sooo good. And by far my ultimate favorite tv series, and the one I would strongly recommend most.

2. Drop Dead Diva
I stumbled in this show when it had the word “diva” in it and I had to try it out. Basically Deb, the main character is beautiful, thin, blonde, and has everything you could ever want, but then dies in a car accident and comes back in the body of Jane, a lawyer who is ‘larger’ than Deb, and doesn’t have everything you could ever want.

This series also builds off the earlier episode, but isn’t as intense with the drama that you’d see in Desperate Housewives. Still, it’s got great humor, relationship drama, a quirky cast and a fun legal skew.

3. Monk
Okay take out the girly-aspect and fashion forward heroines and you have this show. Adrian Monk is the lead character with a “modern Sherlock Holmes” feel. He’s amazing at being a homicide detective and is way too good at his job. A contributing factor is his OCD, which compels him to notice everything that is not in place. He also has a long list of phobias that keep the show very interesting, this includes heights, germs, snakes, death, and more. I would recommend this show to someone who likes the CSI show, but wants more personality and spunk and less seriousness of course.

The episodes for this series are mostly independent, the only difference is in seasons 1-3 (I think) Monks assistant is Sharona, and in season 4 onwards, his assistant is Natalie.

4. Pretty Little Liars
My sister actually introduced this show to me when she stayed overnight one time. After watching a few episodes, I told her it was like watching my high school years on TV, okay not really but the setting is high school and there are popular girls who are way too cool. Anyways, the series is built around the murder mystery of who killed their friend, Alison. The girls keep getting weird texts from “A” giving them hints and clues and just little tidbits. It’s intense, and intriguing.

This series is built off of a sequence of episodes so you will want to start from the beginning and go in order.

Image by seasonpremiere.net5. Rules of Engagement

This is one that me and my hubby  just started watching, and we are hooked because it is so funny! It’s a sitcom with two couples and a single man (David Spade) who are all friends. One couple has been married for years, and the other younger couple just got engaged. The dynamic is hilarious, and it’s complete witty humor and is enjoyed by women and men alike. This is a good one to watch if you’re looking to get your significant other hooked on a show to watch with you!

6. Raising Hope

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Okay, this is another show that you and your SO will like. It’s a comedy of a dysfunctional family that is raising an adorable baby, Hope. The trials and tribulations of true family problems is what keeps this show going, and it’s always an adventure. We regularly watch this show, and can’t get enough.

Hopefully this helps you in your conquest to find a great television show on Netflix. Through trial and error, I wasted a lot of time to form this list so you can learn from my mistakes 😉

Happy watching!