Parent’s Clothing Guilt

If there is one thing that goes hand in hand with becoming a parent, it’s feeling guilty. Whatever choices a parent makes, there is always someone just waiting to criticize or suggest better ways of doing things. Of course, the people who are best at pulling parents’ strings are the kids themselves, and they often known just what to say and what buttons to push to get their own way. A recent survey by a large shopping centre found that 94% of mums spend more on their children’s clothing than they do on their own, and have huge feelings of guilt when it comes to buying something new.

Celebrity Kids

Part of the pressure which parents feel to have their children turned out like mini-supermodels comes from the increasing media attention on celebrity children such as Suri Cruise, Harper Beckham and her brothers and Mason Disick, son of reality television star Kourtney Kardashian. The difference between celebrity children and the children of normal people is that their parents have practically unlimited funds when it comes to spending on their children’s wardrobe. Often, designers give these parents free clothes in return for the publicity when the children are photographed in their new outfit.

Special Occasion Wear

Perhaps the most surprising finding of the survey was that a third of parents will pay £100 for a single item of special occasion clothing, even if they knew a child would only wear it once. Most of these mothers only spend £200 in total on their own clothes for an entire year. Spending large sums on an outfit for a special occasion can be a canny move if you are prepared to sell the item afterwards. A quality item from Petit Bateau can sell second hand for up to 80% of its original price, allowing parents to recoup quite a lot of the initial outlay.

A dad’s perspective

David Beckham recently joked that he could not afford to retire as he had to pay for baby Harper’s wardrobe. This makes him unusual amongst Dads though, as a far higher percentage of fathers would refuse to spend large sums on a child’s outfit, and would instead take them to a much cheaper high street outlet, or a supermarket to get them new things. Dads also seem to appreciate that children grow quickly, and that super cute Petit Bateau outfit will probably only be worn once or twice before the child has grown so much that it doesn’t fit any more.

Shopping Cannily

Spending huge amounts of money on children’s clothing is not a problem as long as the parents can afford it. It does seem pointless to treat your children to expensive clothing while depriving yourself of new things, and there is a balance to be struck between the two extremes. Check out the more expensive stores and brands while they are running a sale event, or check online for vouchers and discount codes to cut the cost of your purchase before shopping. Try to balance more expensive purchases with more budget items from supermarkets and other stores.


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