Fall Fashion 2012: Back to School Shopping

I have to start by saying I am in love with this fall’s fashion line-up. Everything is so cute and precious – just my style! My favorite trend however is the peplum tops. They’re meant to be paired with high-waste skirts or jeans and are absolutely adorable. Complement them with a skinny waist belt and you’ve got a lovely look. Here’s a sample set of an outfit I put together.Fall Fashion 2012

Getting into it? Here are some more adorable peplum tops to rock this fall. You can get the brands and prices by clicking on the image, it’ll take you to the image set with details.
Peplum Tops & Dresses

Peplum Tops & Dresses by mnhousewives featuring a beige shirt

I’m so in love! Just imagine the possibilities with these tops (and dresses). They are way too cute. Although hubby says that they look like ‘prom dresses from the 80s’, but what does he know?

Fashion first, right!?